Saturday, 2 April 2011

Obsess much?

My family is ready to disown me.  There has been a nasty flu bug going around our community and I am so neurotic about vomiting that I have been obsessively cleaning....and using huge amounts of hand sanitizer...and doing crazy things like wiping everything but the dog down with Chlorox wipes.  When I am watching the news and they mention an outbreak of the Norwalk virus....I have to turn the tv off.   I could never go on a cruise which seems to be a perfect breeding ground for nasty viruses....I'd be the crazy lady rowing to shore in the lifeboat to escape the germs.

I know that no one really enjoys vomiting.....but my aversion to it...well it hovers very close to crazy lady proportions.  Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry confessed that he knew the last time he vomited and he was determined to not break his "non-vomitation streak"?  Or, have you read the life story of Howie Mandel where he discloses that he was so afraid of germs that he built himself a separate, tiny little room in his backyard and when one of his kids got sick he moved out to his little "safe house"?  I would be tempted.....if only I had enough money to build myself a little house out back.

I'm fine with coughs, colds, sore throats.....I'm a regular Florence Nightingale with my family when they are sick like that, I will rub their backs, bring them drinks etc.  But if you vomit....well let's just say I will keep my distance and you better stock up on Javex.  I somehow think if I wash every pillow, blanket, light switch, doorknob, the dog, the cat (kidding) then the rest of the household will be spared.

As a teenager my parents never had to worry that I would drink alcohol....I was too afraid I would get drunk and vomit.  Now as an adult, I did get over that silly part but I do limit myself to 2 or 3 drinks at the most (you can never be too safe).  I also check all the best before dates on all the food in the fridge before I will eat  any of it (my mother thinks I'm very wasteful...among other things).

Luckily when I was pregnant with both of our sons I didn't get morning sickness once.  That was a special kind of blessing for me (and my husband too, ha ha)

Anyway....I'm trying not to be a total freak about it ( if you are reading this and thinking...too are a freak) I won't be surprised......


  1. Oh, I'm just like that too! My germaphobia seems to be getting worse as I get older too. I'm obsessive about using those little cart wipes when I go to the grocery store and I alway, always, always have hand sanitizer near me. When one of the kids are sick, I wash the sheets every couple of days on the high temperature setting and run the dishwasher on the sanitizing, high heat setting as well.

    I know I'm a bit obsessive about it...but it seems to have worked. We haven't had the vomiting flu since the kids were pre-schoolers.

    Good luck keeping those hideous germs away!

  2. Oh gosh! I hear ya. I am a total germophob!