Wednesday, 28 May 2014


So just a quick update today......our kitchen looks like this:
After 3 months of back orders we finally got our new stove and range hood....only to discover the only way we could vent the range hood to outdoors was to run the ductwork through the top cabinets.  This renders them useless but when I climbed up a stepladder and opened the doors I found two dollar store vases  and a chocolate fondue set that hadn't been used in a decade so I guess it will be no big loss.  I kind of hated to have hidden ducts inside the top cupboard but when you are trying to do kitchen renovations to a 145 year-old farmhouse you have to make compromises.  Note the dog's rump in the above picture (he supervises all work but does not help in any way).  Since Scott and I always have to do our own renovations to save money...and we really have no clue what we are doing most of the time....progress is slow.  And dinner lately looks like this;

In the studio I've been busy filling wholesale orders and working on a new line of white pottery for a friend who is opening a home-decor shop.
It is very different from my usual brightly coloured pottery but I'm enjoying the change.  In other news I'll be blogging soon about rhubarb and falafel....exciting times.

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  1. Why is it that dogs are great at photo-bombing (especially their rears), but when you try to take a picture of them they don't cooperate? Falafel? YUM! The coffee cup looks really pretty and delicate with that little splash of color.