Friday, 15 November 2013

On Being a Martyr

Today I'm frantically cleaning my house and setting up pottery on every surface in preparation for my annual Christmas pottery sale/open house.  My studio is quite small so I have to set up in the house which means the dog hair and dust have to go.  In the past when my mother would ask if I wanted her to come over and help me get ready I would decline thinking I really shouldn't ask anyone else to clean up for me...this year I decided to take Mom up on her offer.  She arrived this morning...and washed my windows..they look amazing..then she dusted every surface while I did the floors..I could get used to this.  Next time she asks if she can do something..."hell yeah" will be my response.
Someone is not impressed with his nap time being disrupted and the chaos, and vacuuming...but mostly because his dog bed is in the washer and he has nowhere soft to sleep.


  1. Oh pupsicle, normal transmission soonest! Looks just so so tired. Dogs are hilarious, I love them.

  2. I get the same look from my puppy - during routine weekend cleanings... a heavy sigh when he as to wander into another bedroom to sleep. LOL