Wednesday, 11 September 2013

10 on 10 September 2013

Joining today with Rebecca for 10 on 10 where you take 10 pictures throughout the day....

This month's set is a little different for me as I spent the day in the city doing errands.  Here  is my set;

#1 Pop cooler

#2 Cute little bistro set

# 3 Loyalist burial ground in the city

#4 Park bench and a neat fence

#5 Sidewalk music notes to celebrate the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

#6 New sock yarn

#7 Colourful Euros for our trip to France next week

#8 Can't wait

#9 Got milk?

#10 Store window


  1. euros! a trip to europe! so funn!!! have a blast :)
    great pics, so fun and colorful!

  2. That milk looks yummy! It looks like you have some reeeallly fun things planned for you. LUcky!