Friday, 21 June 2013

Prom night

Prepare yourself for picture overload....Tuesday night was Isaac's prom.  Because he goes to a small school there are only 55 students in his graduation class and there is this weird tradition where each graduate is escorted into the school gymnasium by a parent (Moms with sons, fathers with daughters), everyone parades around the gym in front of the whole community then there is a parent/graduate dance...then the graduate's prom date arrives for a waltz, then they leave the gymnasium and go to the cafeteria which is decorated by the grade 11 students as a surprise for the graduates.  The prom takes place there with a deejay and food.  I know this all sounds very 1950's...but it is kind of quaint...ish.   

Isaac at home before the prom

I made him pose for a picture with me....if you thought it was difficult to find a dress for prom when you were 17...try finding one when you are the 44 year old mother...yikes.  There is a fine line between granny....and cougar...and of course I have banned sleeveless from my life.

Isaac and his girlfriend Elizabeth

And a few friends....

Scott is so lucky he is the father of sons...he got to watch it all from the sidelines...

During the odd parade around the gymnasium...awkward.

Parent/graduate dance....

Now we just have the graduation ceremony tonight then we officially have two graduated more homework, lunches, catching the schoolbus.....not sure how I feel about this but onward and upward I guess.


  1. What a nice tradition they have for the kids and parents. He is such a handsome kid and you look amazing - love your dress! Congrats mama!

  2. I love that tradition! It seems so strange that he just had his prom & graduation. I've never heard of anyone having their prom the same week of graduation.
    I'm thrilled to be done with the making of lunches and making sure homework is done. I'm sooo completely over it after having to do it for 18 years!