Monday, 21 January 2013

January musings

Last fall there was a recall of a lot of beef products sold here in the grocery store so I haven't eaten any beef since September and frankly, I needed a hamburger.  On the weekend we found a unique store that only sells food grown and produced within approx 100 miles.  I was excited to buy some ground beef and  try to recreate a Big Mac at home.  I found a recipe for "special sauce" on Pinterest.....then we decided to make skinny oven fries from raw potatoes sliced on this mandolin- thingy,,,that's when things went downhill.

I sliced the very end of my right index finger over halfway through...yikes.  After a trip to the emergency room and a negotiation with the very nice doctor on call I had my finger back together with Steri-strips instead of stitches.  I was so relieved to not have stitches I promised to not get my bandaged finger wet or disturbed at all for 7 days.

Needless to say the mandolin slicer thing is in the trash and supper was a bit late....but delicious. 

The worst part of this little finger injury is not being able to knit these End of May Mittens by Mandy Power, I was having such fun with this excellent pattern.

The mitts look like this on the palm side:

And like this on the top:

I think the next time I want a Big Mac I'll drive through.

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