Saturday, 26 February 2011


A few pictures of the pots I am working on now. I attended a wholesale trade show in Halifax last Spring and received many orders from some great galleries and shops. They are now in the process of re-ordering for this year so after a lovely break over Christmas and January I am back in the studio. For the longest time I couldn't bring myself to call the little shed where I have my kiln and wheel my "studio". It sounded so pretentious, so "artsy", but I guess I have to get over that. I try to get out to work every morning by 9 am. I know that's not too early but by the time Isaac catches the bus at 7:30 and I put a bit of laundry in, figure out what to make for supper, have a coffee (or two) and check the blogs I read....and Facebook...etc. suddenly it's 9 am. Scott (my husband) works from home as well but his office is upstairs so after the bus leaves we force ourselves to get to work. I come back in to the house at lunchtime, we have lunch together, walk the dog then I do a bit more work in the afternoon and try to be back in the house when Isaac gets home at 3:30. He is 15 so really doesn't NEED me to be there but after so many years staying at home with my boys when they were young I don't like him to come home to an empty house and I know he will be grown up and gone in a few short years so for now I'm going to enjoy every minute (well there are some minutes I don't enjoy...he is a teenager after all). Ok, that's all for today, there was a big snowstorm here last night....30 cm of snow (12 inches) so must get out and help with the shoveling and snowblowing.

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  1. Those are beautiful! I love the owl one...

    You are very talented!

  2. You have such a gift! I completely understand about raising teens and wanting to be home for them. Thanks for linking this first post to my blog! I look forward to following you!