Sunday, 11 August 2013

10 0n 10 August 2013

Joining with Rebecca today for 10 on 10 where you snap 10 pictures throughout the day.

It was a busy weekend around here with a bit of work, our little community's summer fair and parade and my little nephew's 1st birthday.
#1 Love these new blue mason jars from Target

#2 Morning light on the porch

#3 Little retro boler camper mugs in the studio

#4 Pretty grasses by the barn

#5 Sunflower

#6 Bagpipe band in the parade...wonder what they're wearing under their kilts..ha ha

#7 Loved this little Shriner car in the parade

#8 Rusty old truck

#9 Birthday photo shoot with my little nephew

#10 First taste of cake


  1. LOVE your mugs! and all your beautiful home photos. happy birthday nephew!

  2. That sunflower picture is so beautiful! And I adore those mugs! :)

  3. I keep forgetting all about 10 on of these months I am going to get it in gear! I LOVE your are so talented! Looks like you guys are having a beautiful summer!