Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tea Party/Baby Shower

I have always wanted to host an old-fashioned tea party, you know where you bust out your best china and everyone wears floppy hats and gloves?  My nephew's wife is having their first baby next month so I decided to have a family baby shower/tea party combination.  

I searched tea party foods online and I guess the menu had to include petit fours (which were rather a pain to make)

Tuxedo strawberries were on the menu too

The dessert table

I couldn't resist these old fashioned paper straws for the lemonade.  

Once the ladies arrived we had a great time comparing hats.  A friend of my mother's had her own late mother's huge hat collection and let us borrow whatever we wanted.  There were some very interesting ones.

My mother and sisters looked after the shower sandwiches, they were delicious.

We had a few different varieties of tea and instead of baby shower games we read our tea leaves.

Natacha-the guest of honor- received lots of lovely baby gifts for their little boy who will arrive in 4 weeks.

Needless to say the men in my house cleaned up the leftovers as soon as the party ended.  


  1. What a fun idea! I love seeing everyone in their hats and smiles! And oh my, the food looks so good.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I love those little desserts but I would never take time to make them.

  3. Really liked your idea of tea party and bridal shower combination. These tuxedo strawberries reminded me of my friend’s tea party at one of venues in Atlanta when I was there. It was truly amazing and everything was awesome that day.