Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hey....don't touch my mug!

Do you have a favourite mug?  These are my favourites......I like the two in the background for coffee, the pink one with bunnies for tea and the brownish one for lattes.  I sometimes hide my favourite mug so the guys in my house don't use it (I know it's immature....but I would only find it under their beds with dried up hot chocolate in me).  Before I became a potter I'd drink out of any old mug....then I became a mug snob....I only like handmade ones.....don't even talk to me about the big ugly white mugs with slogans on them.....or plastic ones?  Seriously?

I have a lot of mugs.....

In fact...I had so many mugs that my husband had to build me a pot rack to hold them he hung it over the island in the kitchen.  I trade mugs I make with other potters for one of their I've built quite a collection.  When my friends come over for coffee they like to pick out their favourite mug, I try not to judge them when they pick one with an ugly handle.....(what are they thinking?), like I said, my name is Denise and I am a mug snob.

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  1. Denise, I love this post! I can totally relate. Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a mug snob. But what do you do when someone gifts you a box of mugs from Costco or something? eek. I cleared out a shelf for them way up high and they get pulled out when those thoughtful gifters come to visit.