Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dreadlocks, Birkenstocks...and Wool Socks

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon to attend this Fair in Maine. It is awesome.  We have been going almost every year since our boys were babies.  They called it the "hippie fair" when they were young.  

It is full of exhibits and free workshops on everything from beekeeping to gardening to solar energy to building a wood-fired pizza oven (I need one of those).  There are animals, gardens, the most amazing food vendors and every bit of the food ingredients are sourced locally.  My favourite part is the farmer's market....the most beautiful flowers, honey, garlic, jam, soap etc.  I will take lots of pictures...prepare yourself.

The people watching is sublime...everything from super rich New hippies who live on a bus.

My favourite Common Ground Fair story was the year that Cameron was about 4 yrs old and it was really hot so we ducked into one of the display tents to get out of the sun.....we didn't know that they were showing a movie on "home birthing"...and we walked in at a very crucial moment in the movie...Cameron's eyes got huge and he said in a very loud voice "what are they doing to that lady on the movie".  We slunk out of that tent..quickly.


  1. haha scarred for life at the fair!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Poor kid! I would love to go to that fair!!

  3. I have friends who have gone. I will have to make it up there some time. Have fun!

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